God so loved, so we love
one home at a time.

Equipping the Church to share the Good News of Jesus

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We want to encourage you in your efforts to love your family, neighbors, and the nations during this season. We’re with you. Here are a few ways you can share the love.


New! What Just Happened?

Use this new Engager to introduce prayer to unbelievers and demonstrate compassion through the means of prayer.


In-Person Training

We will come to your church and provide four training sessions, paired with hands-on experience to equip your church or group to share Jesus in your community.

Our Vision

Every home lovedicon-home

The Gospel is a story of Jesus’ love for everyone. While a lot of people know things about Jesus, fewer have truly encountered His life-giving love. Even fewer of those who know Jesus’ love will share it.

EncounterLife exists to inspire and equip you to share Jesus’ love—one home at a time.

Outreach Tools


It takes confidence and trust in the Holy Spirit to go knock on someone’s door. Our training opportunities are designed to help you grow in understanding of Jesus’ mission and how to be a part of it.

outreach tracking app

Outreach Tracking App

Visibility into opportunities for outreach can be a game-changer. Use the free Encounter Outreach app to track efforts in your neighborhood and coordinate outreach efforts with other users.

engagement tools

Engagement Tools

Sometimes it can be hard to know how to start a spiritual conversation. Order our simple engagement tools, called “engagers,” as conversation starters or supplements.

Sharing Jesus’ love can bring new joy and life—both to those who know Jesus and those learning about Him for the first time.

When people intentionally share their faith with others, it is often as life-giving for them as for the person they’re engaging. With Jesus’ love, there is great joy in letting what pours into us pour out of us, too.


Together we can love every home nationwide.

Our dream is 3 million people from 60,000 churches loving